Putting value front and centre for circular fashion platform, Depop

After a revenge summer of festivals, football and freedom, the challenge was to pivot to a new autumn mood, and show audiences that resale represents great value – as well as access to their favourite brands and with helpful mechanisms to stay in control of spending. ​

We were briefed to create a high impact and inspiring campaign to reach and inspire Style Explorers, as part of a long-term strategy to get Depop into their fashion retail consideration set.​

September is always a major fashion moment as seasons change – and for a Depop audience, category entry points and key retail opportunities are Back to School and Fresher’s Week. ​

​Where there’s cultural momentum, there’s competition, and Depop must compete not just in resale, but hold its own against high street fashion outlets too, who aggressively discount for fresher’s week. ​

To target a youthful fashion-loving audience, both on and offline, we pursued a cherry-picked programming strategy in VOD. VOD allowed us to showcase our full AV as an un-skippable, sound-on, high attention experience. We bolstered this in YouTube, targeting Style Explorers in premium fashion environments, as well as Snapchat in short unskippable formats.​

​For all important Tik-Tok we used a combination of high-performing creators to tell our value story, and land the messages in a native way, right for a TikTok audience. ​

​For that high-street presence, we used data-targeted high impact banners together with digital 6-sheets, pinpointing exact audiences based on where they socialise, coupled with competitor shopping behaviours, minimising wastage but maximising effectiveness and impact. ​


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