Amazon Music Unlimited

Global memes on universal themes

Amazon entered the music streaming marketing in November 2016 with Amazon Music Unlimited – a catalogue of 40 million songs, playlists and personalised stations.

With the market already cluttered with brands playing in the “epic” and “cool” space, we needed to cut through by doing what Amazon does best – behave as an accessible, relatable brand that’s an everyday part of people’s lives.

Born from the simple audience truth that ‘music makes life better’, we created ‘Moments’, a video, social and radio campaign celebrating the role music plays in all areas of our lives – enhancing everything from the mundane to the sublime and the downright ridiculous.

And we spoke to the audience on their terms, harnessing the widespread love for videos of, yes, babies and animals, and borrowing from the world of memes to create entertaining, shareable content.

The campaign pounded the newsfeeds, social channels and airwaves of the US and the UK, each film celebrating Amazon’s vast and accessible music library. Everything from strategy to concept to production to post-production was handled within the walls of Above+Beyond.

Strategy, Creative and Production


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