Pilgrims Choice

Turning real British cheese lover’s dreams into category-defying advertising.


It’s not just an old wives’ tale, cheese really does make you dream, and we made a campaign all about it for Pilgrims Choice.

Research indicates that amino acids found in cheese, especially cheddar, can indeed affect REM sleep, where you dream. To test this, we dosed cheese-loving Brits with an unusually punchy cheddar to see if it caused unusually vivid dreams.

Turns out, it does.

So we turned a real-life cheese lover’s dream into a TV ad, which blends live performance, puppetry and CGI to create a pretty surreal visual spectacle involving a pirate, a restaurant in the sky, and a cheeseburger with legs.

And the campaign doesn’t stop at TV. We used social, shopper and OOH advertising to ask consumers to get involved by sharing their #cheesedreams, which fed our social channels, driving further dreamy engagement.


Creative Agency Above+Beyond
Production Company Blinkink
Director Joseph Mann
Co-Director Rune Spaans
Executive Producer Bart Yates
Producer Matt Marsh
Post Production Blinkink
Sound Design Scramble
Media Yonder