The world's first plant-based grime track for Earth Day 2021

What better way to mark Earth Day with Subway and inspire a younger generation to adopt a vegan diet, than with the world’s first plant-based grime track.

Introducing “Vegang”,  an authentic grime track featuring real sounds emitted by plants, and curated and mixed by grime legend and vegan, P Money, and vegan producers, Star.One.

The backstory to this collaboration has been captured in a filmed documentary directed by youth icon Jamal Edwards MBE and developed with production partners, RadicalMedia and Wake The Town.


Lyrics to Plant-Based Beats by P Money and Star.One:


Used to speak on the regs
Now I chop it up with veg
No more getting up vexed
Fresh mind when I get out the bed
Now I’m researching the web
Got all of the vitamins checked
“How do you do it” they said. “VEGAN TINGS” what I said.


Let me start by saying this is not a preach
This is my story so let me speak
Had a few health issues, stomach was peak
Waking up like I was getting no sleep
That’s when I got told that my diet was weak
Way too much meat and it needed tweaks
Vegan for a day turned into a week
Then I switched up the milk, I was getting in deep!
I was dropping that ‘this’, I was dropping that ‘that’.
I was pestering JME’s life with tweets
Got a whole shopping list, followed it to the tee
When I got to the till bare bags was peak!
Then I thought ‘hmm you know what.. nothing good for you is cheap’
Used to eat a plate full and just wanna sleep
Now I feel like I got energy for the week
I was cheffing up fruits. I was cheffing up leeks.
I was cheffing up greens. Curry and chickpeas.
I was feeling elite. I was stuffing my beak.
Now when I get the bread, it’s the one with the seeds.
Was blending banana, spinach and leaves.
Really pumping iron, flexing.
Gotta big up my son, ever since he was young
I could actually see that he did it like me.



I can’t lie it was hard at first,
That’s why I researched so I didn’t put a foot wrong.
On the road man used to have nothing good on.
Now I got Subway, “can I get a footlong!”
I didn’t wanna grow food ‘cos it took long.
Now I got time and space, I’m good don.
Soon my answers gonna be my garden
When they asking where I get my goods from
Just worked out, I did the planning
You ain’t know what you missing if you ain’t had it.
My son’s a future hero, what I tell him
Because being vegan is doing bits for the planet

Because being vegan is doing bits for the planet
This food that’s not contribute to the gasses
Now I celebrate Earth Day with the masses
Ain’t just about recycling packets
Better quote that or put it in brackets
I didn’t follow anyone because I’m no sheep
You gotta do it for yourself,
Or that’s for the animals
Or you wanna go clean
Or you just wanna do it for the whole week
My gym friends thought they couldn’t get protein
So I said “what you know about protein?”
Said it ain’t always greener on the other side
There ain’t much greener you can show me!



Production Co

Radical Media


Jamal Edwards


Lewis Knaggs


Lewis Knaggs


Ali Khalil

Executive Producers

Ben Schneider, Jodie Brooks

Post Production


Sound Design


Music Supervision

Wake The Town Ltd

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