Jam Shed

Pump Up the Jam

Jumping on a viral moment to shake up category conventions

The wine world is often seen as complex, traditional, and sometimes stuffy – which can be a barrier to recruiting new audiences. We’re on a mission with Accolade Wines to shake up the category by making it more accessible and altogether more fun.

Jam Shed is their brand for non-traditional wine drinkers. A brand that isn’t afraid to go against the grain and stand out – all with its unapologetically different attitude.

They wanted to share this vision by breaking into culture.

So, when a zebra print touting Gran became an online sensation by dancing for hours at the London Marathon (all to a remix of the iconic track ‘Pump up the Jam’) – we jumped on it. We brought this viral sensation and Jam Shed together to produce and launch a music video. A match made in heaven, celebrating an unapologetically different attitude to the category and life.

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