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Leaning into the ‘Swift Effect’ with Echo Falls

We helped our clients at Accolade Wines with the brand Echo Falls go the extra mile to help new fans embrace the game by designing a limited edition set of Echo Falls Summer Berries bottles with the regular labels switched out for one’s revealing the MUST KNOW American Football phrases for newbie fans to blurt out during the game.

The bottles feature four different American Football buzzwords including Tight end, Kickoff, Blitz and Touchdown. Newbie American football fans can also head to Echo Falls Instagram for full explainers on each phrase.

We were excited to create these epic labels in the first change-up Echo Falls Fruits has ever made to its best selling Summer Berries bottle for this event, but with so many new fans that need to “sharpen up” their knowledge tuning in on Sunday,  it was a no-brainer!

“The Taylor effect has driven a whole new audience of football fans in the US and across the globe – including the UK,” said an Echo Falls spokesperson. “It’s a complicated game at the best of times and with social media set alight with brilliant memes and American football hacks we wanted to take care of this new audience this Sunday with our buzzword bottles of wine. With thousands of Brits getting together for food and drink for the big game – many of whom are new fans – knowing your ‘Touchdown’ from your ‘4th Down’ is sure to come in handy.”

Jonny Ray, Managing Director at Above+Beyond, commented: “Whether or not Taylor Swift makes it to the Big Game, we know many British Swifties will be tuning in to an American Football game for the first time in their lives. This is a great brand fit for Echo Falls so we’re helping them fearlessly along the way – and hopefully they won’t end up being the foolish ones rooting for the anti-hero.”

The bottles gained instant coverage including national features, and notably a 120,000% increase in engagements on social vs. the previous period.





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