Save Now

Putting value front and centre, without sacrificing on style

With the cost-of-living crisis looming, consumers were becoming increasingly wary of spending, particularly in fashion. For Gen Z, September is a major fashion moment as seasons change and new beginnings like Back to School and Fresher’s Week occur. ​
Depop came to us to support them with a campaign that would show Gen Z they could still access their favourite brands – with helpful mechanisms to stay in control of spending.

​Where there’s cultural momentum, there’s competition, and Depop needed to compete not just in resale, but hold its own against high street fashion outlets too, who aggressively discount for Fresher’s Week.

We developed a new value-based platform for the brand, ‘Save Now’, and worked closely with Depop stylists to cast and style in a way that would resonate with the subcultures and style explorers of today. We then deployed highly-targeted assets across VOD, social, and OOH that reflected the audience in the most authentic way possible – while landing the app’s spend control mechanisms at the same time.

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