Biotiful Gut Health

Super. Naturally.

Cementing category leadership with a powerful brand platform

Gut health awareness and the benefits of Kefir are growing rapidly and rightfully entering the mainstream conversation in the UK. As more consumers look for simple solutions for better gut health, Biotiful came to us to reassess and cement its position as the pioneer of the category through a powerful new brand platform and national campaign highlighting why it’s the UK’s #1 Kefir brand. 

We designed a bespoke, sprint-based approach to landing on the platform – expediting the traditionally lengthy process and co-creating with the client team to get to the bottom of their mission together. Ultimately, landing on a platform that celebrates Biotiful’s pioneering approach to making natural gut health accessible to everyone: Super. Naturally.

This was then launched with a campaign which dramatically showcases the power of nature and the natural benefits of Biotiful Kefir, filling TV screens and billboards nationwide; just the beginning of the mission to get the nation talking about gut health and drive future growth across Biotiful’s range.

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