“Change The Ending” wins gold and silver at The Epica Awards

Our latest campaign for Alzheimer’s Research UK showing how dementia steals ‘happily ever afters’ has won Gold in the ‘Public Interest – Health and Safety’ category and Silver in the ‘Animation’ category at The Epica Awards!

The heartbreaking animated film brings to life the ‘happily ever afters’ that dementia has stolen. Despite the fact that millions in the UK will go through a devastating journey with dementia, there is still a startling lack of awareness about the devastating effects of the condition. Alzheimer’s Research UK has revealed that less than half (49%) the British public can name memory loss as an effect of dementia, with over a fifth (22%) saying they have no idea how the condition impacts people.

This impactful film brings home the importance of Alzheimer Research UK’s mission to find a cure, and urges the British public to stand with them and support their revolutionary research. The campaign is the first under their new platform ‘For A Cure’.

We created the Disney-style animated ad, which begins with the quintessential fairytale ending, showing a prince and princess slaying a dragon and riding off into the sunset, happily ever after. But, as the Oscar-winning Olivia Colman begins to narrate, we slowly realise that this isn’t the ending we all know and expect.

We’re thrilled that the film has helped rally support for such an incredible cause and is being recognised for the time and effort that was put into making it a successful, hard-hitting and – we hope – visually beautiful campaign.

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