Alzheimer’s Research UK Appoints A+B

We’re so proud and excited for our new partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK, to develop a fresh brand strategy and an innovative creative platform that will move people to support this great charity, and to help overcome one of the UK’s leading causes of death.

Press release:


Above+Beyond has been appointed by leading dementia charity Alzheimer’s Research UK to develop a fresh brand strategy and an innovative creative platform to help overcome one of the UK’s leading causes of death.

The partnership will see the launch of a new brand campaign with the agency tasked to deliver an integrated approach for brand and supporter acquisition programmes across a full range of media including film TV digital social media newspaper and magazine advertising radio and out of home.

Alzheimer Research UK’s mission is to bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025. Backed by passionate scientists and supporters it is working to challenge the way people think about dementia helping to fund the innovative science that will deliver a cure.

Above+Beyond was appointed following a competitive pitch with The AAR Group acting as pitch consultant. Previous groundbreaking campaigns by the charity include #ShareTheOrange starring Samuel L. Jackson Bryan Cranston and Christopher Eccleston. This work set out to change the conversation around dementia – showing that as a physical disease it cancause an individual’s brain to shrink by an amount equivalent to the weight of an orange. Still today many consider dementia a natural part of ageing when we can in fact take steps to reduce the risk of the condition with 40% of cases thought to be preventable.

Zaid al-Zaidy group chief executive officer at The Beyond Collective said: “Dementia is the UK’s No.1 killer and perversely not top of the consideration list of things society cares about or wishes to prioritise. We can’t wait to partner with Alzheimer’s Research UK to reverse this situation – we share their passion and ambition for research to help the condition become curable in the future and we look forward to developing ideas that will move people to support this great charity.”

Dom Goldman executive creative director at Above+Beyond said: “It’s a great responsibility to help the UK understand the importance of supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK in finding a cure to this gruesome disease and helping the brand become a towering beacon in the cultural landscape.”

Tim Parry, director of communications and engagement brand and digital at Alzheimer’s Research UK said: “Dementia is one of society’s greatest fears and now one in two of us have someone close with the condition so it’s imperative that we drive a greater response to a health challenge of this size. We are delighted to have appointed Above+Beyond to partner with us on developing a new strategy to make the case for dementia research. Together we aim to inspire people to be part of a new movement to overcome a condition that now affects nearly a million people in the UK and breaks the hearts of the families around them.”

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