DB on missing the party but finding the fun

Like lots of us at A+B, our ECD Dave took a circuitous route into Advertising.

He turned down a doctorate at Cambridge and a life as a concert cellist to hitch a ride on the dotcom train, ending up in senior PR and marketing roles for tech brands, before making the leap into music production and songwriting and signing to Universal Music Publishing in 2003. Over the next decade Dave wrote for artists as diverse as Kylie, Bat For Lashes, Jamelia and Chamonix. In 2006 he moved into the movie business as a musical collaborator and creative, writing TV scripts and rescoring trailers.

Which all sounds rather glamorous. Until you spot the common thread that runs through Dave’s career – he timed each move impeccably to ensure he missed every party, as he explains with only a hint of regret in this article.

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