World Of Tanks

Real Men

In November 2012 (we were three weeks old when we got the brief), World Of Tanks was the fastest growing entertainment property in the world. So a fully integrated launch campaign should be easy, then…

Young Brits were flocking to climb into lovingly-rendered replicas of some of the world’s greatest tanks and blast each other to bits. But their (great)grandparents were doing it for real. Add to that the gnawing uncertainty amongst today’s kids that they’re a pale imitation of their forebears, and you have the recipe for cultural mischief.

Our campaign across TV, out of home, digital and press called out today’s gamers, hipsters and computer nerds and told them to Man Up. Put away your fixie, Dalston boy, because Real Men Play With Tanks.

Funny, engaging and memorable, we drove a 500% increase in brand awareness in the first month of the campaign.

Director: Julian Gibbs
Production: Intro
Edit: Yonder
Post: Big Buoy