Catch a tuna, get a free tuna sub

Early in 2021, a court case erupted claiming there’s no tuna in Subway’s Tuna Subs. The fact is, not only does Subway use 100% real Tuna, it’s also caught in the most sustainable way – using the Pole & Line technique.

As the internet freaked out, we reassured Subway’s audience about these tuna credentials in the one place people had been fishing all year – Animal Crossing. The wildly popular game where players catch virtual tuna using the same Pole & Line technique as Subway.

So we launched the #TunaForTuna challenge. A Twitter campaign that rewarded anyone on who caught a Tuna in-game with a pole & line, with a real Tuna Sub sourced the exact same way.

People spent over 400 hours of fishing combined, aided heavily by Influencers on Twitch quickly picking up the #TunaForTuna challenge.

Our promo video received over 1 million views, and the campaign overall saw a 233% increase in positive sentiment (an 83% reduction in negative sentiment).  All helping dispel the myth surrounding the court case and building up brand love with our audience.

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