Pol Roger

Harnessing the creative power of top-tier UK craftspeople to reimagine the iconic bottle.

Champagne is no longer special. Prosecco is the fizz of choice and as every champagne brand chases the dream of mass accessibility, supermarket shelves are groaning with the stuff.

Pol Roger has bags of historical pedigree (Churchill drank it), but limited stock for the UK market. It seemed to us that there was a cultural opportunity to square this fact with the general trend of bubbles losing their allure.

We wanted Pol’s audiences to enjoy paying a premium for the product, and to consider it in the same space as they would other artisanal, craft-based luxuries in their lives.

So we enrolled the craftspeople behind luxury products to co-create Pol’s advertising with us. Tailor Charlie Allen, milliner Rachel Trevor-Morgan and the design team at Jaguar Landrover have so far graced us with their re-imaginings of the iconic bottle.





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