Meet the Parcells. They’re on a mission to save you from the post office.

With professional “Ebaying” an ever-growing cottage industry, disruptive courier aggregator Parcel2Go needed to reach out to a community that, despite their fluency with online retail marketplaces, were still delivering their goods the old way – via the Post Office.

We needed to persuade people that behind the Parcel2Go website was a trustworthy, human, service-obsessed culture that would work much harder than the post office in getting your parcels there on time, for less. All without you leaving the home.

We created the Parcells – a no-nonsense family of creatures whose only obsession was to stop people sending parcels the old-fashioned way. Created lovingly to a tight budget, we pulled out all the stops on this one: the very best animators working more for love than money, gorgeous handcrafted sets – and our very own ECD spending a day in the studio making all the sound effects by hand with drumsticks, boxes, paper rolls, old broken keyboards and a trombone.

Director: Ubiq
Prod Co: Fieldtrip
Sound: Scramble