Proudly unfurling our new manifesto to drinkers everywhere.

If something’s worth doing, do it like you mean it.

Meantime has pioneered the British craft beer movement since 1999. In a bold step up from previous campaigns, we showed the world that Meantime really does MEAN IT, in a campaign that remains true to the brewer’s founding belief that good beer comes from going the extra mile and doing things properly. This campaign is a call to arms, a political manifesto: we challenged big beer to MEAN IT as much as we do.

We spread the MEAN IT message across key areas of London in a month long campaign of authorised fly-postering and strategic takeovers of out-of-home sites including an iconic mural on Shoreditch High Street. Working in partnership with artist Leif Podhajsky, whose portfolio includes distinctive album cover artwork for the likes of Tame Impala and Bonobo, the installation was a vibrant visual representation of ‘MEAN IT’. The mural featured illustrations of Meantime’s beers, complete with a tagline that expresses the brewer’s belief that if you’re going to bother having a beer, have a proper beer.

Executive Creative Director

David Billing


Jo Lindmark


Sam Whigham


Leif Podhajsky