12 years of blowing up the movie rental business, together.

LOVEFiLM was, as you’d expect, pretty active in its support of the UK film business.

This included sponsorship of numerous premieres, including this one, for Paul Raymond biopic The Look Of Love. As usual, we were tasked with creating fast-turnaround, totally bespoke content to celebrate LOVEFiLM’s sponsorship, weaving together the storyline of the feature with a brand message from LOVEFiLM.

We took to the streets guerilla style, subtly rebranding some of Soho’s more famous landmarks with LOVEFiLM’s customary cheeky wit – before ending the film right outside the Curzon Cinema, where the movie would premiere only a few nights hence. A nice collision of location, audience, and opportunity.

Director: Danny Vaia