12 years of blowing up the movie rental business, together.

LOVEFiLM blew up the movie rental business. Twice.

First with “DVDs by post” in the era of Blockbuster. Then with movie streaming via LOVEFiLM Instant, with Netflix lurking just around the corner.

Both times, we had to explain something fundamentally new to a viewing public who were happy with the status quo. We had to drive acquisitions hard whilst defining a brand that could “own” the space and defend its emotional beachhead against newcomers.

We created one of the most effective TV advertising vehicles ever tested by Nielsen, around the growing cultural meme of the “movie mash up”. We figured that no amount of production dollars spent on TV could rival the quality of the films and shows on the platform. So we made the content the star. And spent money creating the slickest, funniest edits, the biggest tracks and voiceovers.

From 2006-12, we perfected this formula, as well as launching UK exclusive content like Vikings, creating beautiful product films, promotional material and more.

We helped grow LOVEFiLM from a tiny, eager company of 5 people with a disruptive product, to a £200m sale to Amazon 9 years later – and worked with them every step of the way. We still work with some of original LOVEFiLM founders in their new roles at Amazon.

Nielsen data consistently showed LOVEFiLM’s TV advertising to be in the top 5% of the most effective ever made.