Cinema Anti-Piracy

12 years of blowing up the movie rental business, together.

By 2010, anti-piracy ads before movies (“You wouldn’t steal a car…”) had almost become a joke. In fact, there’s a spoof in the IT Crowd from the previous year that was pretty indistinguishable from the original.

We were tasked with rethinking the whole audience approach. Our first insight was that bollocking people who’d actually had the good grace to buy a ticket, some popcorn, and take a seat was a hugely flawed strategy. The future of movie production relied on people carrying on this good behaviour, and not illegally downloading at home. So we thought it a good opportunity to thank the audience – because without them, movies simply wouldn’t get made.

Our message to the audience – “you make the movies” – was creatively expressed through a series of homages to famous movie moments. Moments that we’d reimagined as scenes from everyday life. Where people were unknowingly recreating – making – the movies.

Director: Steve Bendelack