Hard-hitting sponsorship idents to support Betway’s Sky sponsorship.

The May 2014 rematch between Carl Froch and George Groves was legend before it began.

And the event itself saw the biggest ever audience for a boxing match in Britain since World War 2. So Betway’s sponsorship around the Sky Sports coverage of the fight was guaranteed a lot of eyeballs. In this series of idents, we had seconds to create a connection with the audience, showing that Betway lived and breathed boxing culture.

Amidst the huge media noise of this event, there was no point trying to shout louder. We swapped the bright lights of Wembley for the dark of the Bermondsey arches, where we filmed a tribute to real grassroots boxing culture in a local gym. We filmed one of the gym’s amateur fighters training, carefully choregraphing the footage to the diagonal of Betway’s logo for branded impact.



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