Research told us that across Europe, women - who had traditionally felt intimidated by bricks and mortar casinos - were rapidly taking to online gambling. And, seeing it as just another part of the home entertainment mix, were often playing alongside their partners.

We wanted to launch Betway as a brand that was on board with this cultural trend, at a time when you were unlikely to see a woman in a gambling advert, unless she was in a bikini.

Playful, happily “out of the closet” and gender-neutral, our launch campaign was the first to use our Modular structure.

We scripted, shot and produced over 50 episodes of the story, mapping them to Betway’s marketing priorities and target audiences for the forthcoming year – and eventually outstripping even those demands. “Couple” ran for two years instead of planned one, supporting new product features, new territories and even the launch of Betway’s sportsbook platform – today, its biggest product by far.


One In Three




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