360 Degrees

These days, millennials choose “worlds of content” as much as they choose technology.

Apple products are more than sharp tech – they’re gateways to iTunes, Apple Music, the App Store. Likewise, try contemplating moving from that Apple phone to an Android/Google Play device. It’d be like starting again.

So with the Fire Phone, not only was Amazon attempting a brave move into tech hardware, but going up against some well established content worlds.

We wanted to show that Amazon also offered a compelling content world – connecting shopping, video, music and more – and that the Fire Phone, with its ability to “shazam” objects as well as music, was the gateway to this world.

Our ‘day in the life’ film accurately reflects the seamless way products and experiences dovetail in the millennial world – facilitated by the Fire Phone, which joins the dots like never before.

Director: Owen Harris
Production: Outsider
Sound: Scramble
Edit: Marshall Street Editors
Post: Big Buoy