The Boss

In British culture, you’re more likely to talk about your sexual habits than you are about how much you’re being paid.

Adzuna is a jobsite that aggregates a million UK jobs daily. But we felt that wasn’t the interesting story here. Because Adzuna was developing a widget that allowed you to upload your CV and find out how much you should be being paid.

This felt like the hitting the cultural motherlode. We were about to put the “salary taboo” to work for Adzuna. Who’d be able to resist finding out what they were really worth?

Across our launch communications, the “Value My CV” app became the heart of our story. We gave both jobseekers and the happily employed a reason to engage with the brand. It’s been the strongest performing launch campaign ever for our media partner, startup specialist Squadron.

Director: Danny Vaia
Production Company: Punq
Sound: Pure Soho